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November 2020 Exhibition

Mr. Muthukrishnan Narasimhan

Indian Classical Dances


Muthukrishnan Narasimhan is a visual artist, born and brought up in India. He loves to do pencil drawing, oil paintings, and acrylic paintings. He is a member of Saratoga Arts Center for many years now. His artwork depicts and reflects the different cultural, traditional, history, and various regional aspects of different part of the world. He got inspired by my daughter, who is learning Bharatanatyam dance from her guru Ms. Sujatha Sharath.


“Indian Classical Dances” depicts and reflects the cultural, traditional, and regional performing art from different states of India. It represents unity of core ideas in diverse styles, costumes, and expressions. It has deep connection to Natya Sastra (performing arts encyclopedic).


This is tribute from him to all the dance teachers, who are professionally trained and are holding the tradition of this dance that identifies the region, the community, and passing it to the next generation.

Muthukrishnan’s artwork was on display for in-person viewing in Saratoga Arts’ Reception Area Gallery for entire month of Nov'20. 



3Smart Studio showcases simple and unique artworks of - Selvarani, Muthukrishnan, Sakthi and Surya. We as a family have always been interested in art. We developed our interest of painting few years back with a common goal to do something that gives us immense happiness and self-satisfaction. We hope our artwork gives peace of mind and positive energy to our viewers. We enjoy learning new forms of art and coming up with new ideas. We sincerely thank Saratoga Arts Center for supporting and encouraging us throughout our art journey!! Happy Viewing :)


                      - 3Smart Studio Family


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